Professional History

Having previously been involved with Law, and Human Rights campaigning, I began my therapeutic career some 25 years ago, when I set up one of the first fertility counselling services in this country, in the NHS, whilst training as a Counselling Psychologist.

While remaining an important strand of my clinical work and intellectual interest, my practice has always gone beyond that particular concern.

I went on to further train as an Existential-Phenomenological Psychotherapist, an approach which powerfully reflects my understanding of the struggles and challenges we all encounter throughout our lives. Over the years, the work of Martin Buber, Victor Frankl, Emmanuel Levinas, and R.D. Laing have offered particular inspiration and stimulation.

Canadian and Jewish by birth, I have also developed a professional interest in a wide range of experiences of marginality, and minority experience, with a strong element of intercultural work in my practice. My workshop A Stranger in a Strange Land speaks to the experience of 'otherness' or 'foreignness' that many feel, and has run successfully in Canada and England for over 15 years.

Currently my private practice with individuals and couples encompasses everything around the challenges we all face as humans trying to live our lives as best we can, and make sense of the experience.

In addition, I have been involved with the teaching and mentoring of trainees at all levels of training for the last twenty years, a particularly rewarding part of my work, at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regents College, the University of Surrey, and currently, the Minster Centre.

My writing spans a range of themes, much of it written in collaboration, as was the book Cradling the Chrysalis:Teaching/Learning Psychotherapy (2nd edition underway) which I wrote together with my friend and colleague Mary MacCallum Sullivan. In fact, I would say that collaboration is a hallmark of my work, whether it be with a client in the consulting room, a colleague in the training process, or a fellow author.