Stranger In A Strange Land

A two day workshop led by Harriett Goldenberg

2nd/3rd December, 2017

at NCVO, Regents Wharf, 8 All Saints St.

London N1 9RL

What are we doing when we make ourselves 'foreigners', be it voluntarily or through necessity, and what is it like to live away from one's country of origin?

What are the implications for questions of ‘identity’, and what becomes of the concept of ‘home’? These are some of the areas we will look at during this two day experiential workshop, with particular emphasis on the emotional and psychological processes that come into play. We will call upon our own experiences – both first hand and of others – as well as considering relevant literature.

This in depth exploration of the meaning of being a foreigner, both literal and metaphorical will appeal to individuals wanting to explore their own experience of being ‘strangers in a strange land‘, and those with a professional interest in inter-cultural counselling.

More than 20 years after its inception A Stranger in a Strange Land remains a very powerful and special opportunity to engage with the personal processes involved in being a foreigner – an immigrant or a refugee – as well as the less overt sense many people have of being an ‘outsider’, ‘other’, ‘different’, ‘not at home’.

The workshop, open to a maximum of 12 people, provides a safe space to unpack and share some of the deeply felt experiences of ‘foreigness’ in all its guises, and an opportunity to gain greater understanding of what is entailed in becoming a foreigner.

For enquires or to book a place email, or ring 07766685628. Cost £199.00. Closing date 1st November, 2017